About Us

The Village of Bellflower is a small, rural community located in the center of Bellflower Township in the southeast corner of McLean County, Illinois.  The population of the village has remained consistent over the years, reaching its peak at 442 in 1930 and its lowest point of 250 in 1880.  According to the 2020 census, the current population of the village is 346.  

The village is quiet today.  Several annual events such as the Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July celebration, Thanksgiving Feast, and Christmas Eve Program are held throughout the year.  To find more information on the events and when/where they’re held, go to the Events Guide under the Calendar tab.

Bellflower is fortunate to have both a community library and a museum.  Open for several hours every Wednesday, the library has lots to offer Bellflower’s residents of all ages.  The Depot Museum was Bellflower’s depot for many years and was located across the street from the Bellflower Feed Mill before being moved to its current location in 1976.  Over the decades, the Bellflower Genealogical and Historical Society have amassed an outstanding collection of historical items with a connection to Bellflower.  Open by appointment, residents and visitors are always amazed at what they find in the museum.  To find more information about these two facilities, go to the Library and Depot Museum tabs.

Several organizations provide ways for residents to stay connected with each other.  More information on each of the organizations can be found under the Organizations tab.

There are three large agricultural businesses and several smaller home-based businesses located in the village.  For more information, go to the Bellflower Business Directory page.

Three churches remain active – the Bellflower United Methodist Church and Bellflower Christian Church are in the village; and Immanuel Lutheran Church is located about 6 miles southeast of town in Osman.  To find more information about the churches, visit the Worship tab.

In 1985, the Bellflower schools were merged with Farmer City-Mansfield to become the Blue Ridge school district.  Go to the Schools tab to find more information on the Blue Ridge schools now attended by Bellflower’s children.