Call Before You Dig


Every 9 minutes an underground utility line is damaged in the U.S. because someone decided to dig without contacting a notification center such as JULIE (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) first.  The results can be inconvenient, costly, disastrous - even deadly.

Any time you plan an outdoor project that requires digging, driving a stake, or puncturing the ground in any way, call JULIE at 8-1-1 before you begin.  With one quick call, JULIE will make sure that all buried utility lines are marked so you can dig safely.

The service is free, and it's the law in Illinois.   Illinois state law requires that anyone planning an outdoor project that requires digging, regardless of the depth or the size of the project, must notify JULIE at least two business days before putting a shovel in the ground.

JULIE Utility Locating Service

JULIE Utility Locating Service