Tax Levy

A property tax is a local tax liability imposed on homeowners for owning real estate.  The revenue derived from property taxes partially funds municipal programs and services.  Click on the Property Tax Cycle link, shown below under Relevant Documents, to review a diagram distributed by McLean County which details the steps involved in the property tax cycle.

In accordance with 65 ILCS 5/8-3-1 et seq., the Village of Bellflower annually levies taxes on all real property located within the village corporate limits.  For the fiscal year ending 4/30/2023, village-levied property taxes represented 30% of village tax revenue, with the remaining 70% coming from state tax distributions.

The tax levy details, for each item listed in the village appropriations ordinance, the amount of money that will be derived from property taxes.

No later than the second Tuesday in December, the approved tax levy ordinance must be filed in the McLean County Clerk's Office.  The filed document will be used by the county to calculate the village tax line on next year's property tax bills.