Points of Interest

Bellflower Memorial Wall

In 2003, the Tyke and Jane Kumler family dreamed of creating a local veterans memorial in thanks for the kindness and support extended to the Kumlers by the Bellflower community.  Their dream was beautifully achieved and continues to be maintained by the efforts of many Bellflower citizens.

The wall and surrounding site can be viewed on N Latcha Street between the Bellflower Feed Mill and the Lions Café.


Established in 1855, the cemetery was last restored in 2000 and is maintained by Bellflower Township.  Here you will find the graves of some of Bellflower’s founding families as well as veterans of 6 wars.

The cemetery is located 1-1/2 miles north of Bellflower along Route 5 between Bellflower and Saybrook.

For further information, contact Janet Zimmerman at (309) 722-3377 or jzimmer21@yahoo.com.


Click on this link for more information about the Depot Museum.

Open by appointment.  For further information, contact Janet Zimmerman at (309) 722-3377 or jzimmer21@yahoo.com.

Flanigon Rocks

Lucinda and Marion Flanigon were a wealthy Bellflower couple with no children.  At their death, their desire was for the Bellflower schools to receive earnings from their large estate to benefit the children of Bellflower.  The land in the Flanigon Trust consists of the 240-acre original Flanigon homestead located three miles northwest of Bellflower and a 640-acre section located one and one-half miles southeast of Bellflower.  Flanigon Rocks, as they are commonly known, mark the location of the two parcels of land.  Today the earnings from this land flow to the Blue Ridge School District.



Memorial Wall
104 N Latcha St
Bellflower, IL 61724

5715 N 3850 East Rd
Bellflower, IL 61724

Depot Museum
210 N Latcha St
Bellflower, IL 61724

Flanigon Rock on Hwy 136
US 136 and N 4000 East Rd (Mansfield Rd)
Bellflower, IL

Flanigon Rock North
37417 E 600 North Rd
Bellflower, IL