Village Administration

The Village of Bellflower was laid out, platted, and the plat map was filed in September 1871.  The village was incorporated following an election held on March 1, 1890.  The village operates as a non-home rule municipality under a trustee-village form of government.

A village president, who may also be referred to as mayor, and six trustees are elected at large for a staggered four-year term of office.  Elections occur in odd-numbered years.  The village president and three trustees are chosen during one election cycle, and the three remaining trustees are elected two years later.

The village president and the six trustees constitute the village board, which may also be referred to as the corporate authorities.

The village president, with the advice and consent of the trustees, appoints a clerk, treasurer, members of the Zoning Board of Appeals, members of the library board, and all village employees.

Village government decisions are made at monthly public meetings of the village board.  The village president presides at village board meetings and the six trustees vote on each item of business.  The village president votes to break ties, to decide an item when there are three votes in favor, or when required by law.  The clerk maintains records of the meetings.

ADDRESS Information

The village office is located at the Bellflower Community Center, 104 W Center St, Bellflower.  Please note:  the office is not staffed, the office is open by appointment only, the post office does not deliver mail to this address, and parcel/package deliveries are not accepted at this address.

All mail, including foreclosure notices and foreclosure confirmation orders, should be addressed to:

Village of Bellflower
PO Box 244
Bellflower, IL  61724-0244

Parcel/Package deliveries must be coordinated through the village president.

Contact Info

Allen Grussing
Village President