Water System

The Village of Bellflower operates a water system to provide drinking water to residents and businesses within the village.  The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) regulates the water system.  Water is tested by the IEPA on a regular basis for lead, copper, disinfectants, inorganic contaminants, and radioactive contaminants.  Each year the village publishes a Consumer Confidence Report with data from the IEPA that shows the results of the testing that was done during the prior calendar year.  Those reports can be found here.

The Village of Bellflower treats water distributed throughout the village with fluoride and chlorine.

The main well and pump house are connected to a generator, so they continue to function in the event of a power outage.  An emergency backup well can be used in the event of a failure of the main pump or well. 

A diagram of the village's water system is shown below.

Contact Info

Chad Yeadon
Water Superintendent

Mitch Yeadon
Assistant Water Superintendent

Herb Youngblood
Water Bills and Service

Water System Diagram

Water System Diagram