Noodle-Making Day
Noodle-Making Day is held in late October in preparation for the annual Thanksgiving Feast.  In the morning, a group of volunteers meets in the Community Center cafeteria and prepares many batches of homemade noodles using supplies provided by the Village of Bellflower.  The noodles are rolled out to dry.  Later in the day, the noodles are cut.  That evening, the noodles are bagged and put in the freezer to wait for cooking to begin on the morning of the Thanksgiving Feast.

Thanksgiving Feast
The Village of Bellflower sponsors this annual community tradition.  The menu includes roast turkey, baked ham, dressing, homemade noodles, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, salads, pie, rolls, and beverages.  Volunteers are recruited each year to roast a supplied turkey and donate salads and pies or other desserts.  Serving begins at 11:00 a.m. in the Community Center gym, in early November.  Take-out meals are also available.

This truly is a community labor of love.  Besides roasting turkeys, it takes many people to help carve all the turkeys, set up the gym, cook and serve the food, keep the tables cleaned, carry trays for those who need a little extra help when going through the line, wash and wrap silverware, break down all tables and chairs after the meal, and clean up the kitchen.

Community Thanksgiving Church Service
A Thanksgiving Community Church Service is held each year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Responsibility for the service rotates between Bellflower Christian Church and Bellflower United Methodist Church.