Water Emergencies

A water emergency can occur at your home or business due to pipe leaks, appliance leaks, or frozen pipes.  Water customers are responsible for any service issues that happen beyond the curb stop valve.  Contact a licensed plumber as soon as possible to minimize damage to your property.  

Bellflower Municipal Code requires each structure to have an easily accessible customer shutoff valve which allows a water customer to turn off water to the premises in case of an emergency.  The customer shutoff valve is typically located at a point where the water service line enters the building.  Water customers are responsible for installation and maintenance costs of the customer shutoff valve.

Should you be unable to stop the water flow using your customer water shutoff valve, or if you believe there is a water main leak, please contact the Water Superintendent or Assistant Water Superintendent.

For more information on water service, refer to chapter 6 "Water Service" in the Bellflower Municipal Code.

Contact Info

Chad Yeadon
Water Superintendent

Mitch Yeadon
Assistant Water Superintendent