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Chestnut Tree Farm


Hello Bellflower Neighbors,

Have you wondered about recent activity at 106 School St?

We are the family of Warner and Ruby Cole, and Butch and Dorothy Woliung, who where long time residents of Bellflower.  Our family has farm property in the village (106 School Street) which extends outside of the village into the township.  We have decided to honor our family by setting up a chestnut tree rarm.

We are currently preparing for the planting season that starts at the end of May/beginning of June.  We have been busy installing a pad for water storage tanks, irrigation, and a storage shed.

We will be planting over 100 chestnut trees spaced 22 feet apart in an area that has been planted with a cover crop especially designed to go under chestnut trees.  These trees will be actually used for production.  They should start producing in 2-5 years, and at full production, they produce 50-100 pounds of chestnuts per tree.  At full maturity, each tree will be 60 feet high and 40 feet wide.  Each tree will be staked and have a sun filtering shelter to protect them during their early growth.

We have been working with an awesome company called “Canopy” out of Champaign that is tied to the Savanah Institute and U of I which has helped guide us thru this venture.

The market demand for chestnuts is 10 times more than the current supply.  Chestnuts can be used in dressing, soups, stews, and also can be made into flour and oil.  They are very healthy because they reduce cardiovascular issues/heart disease.

We hope you all will enjoy watching the trees grow!  Hope to meet you someday!

Sincerely, Barb Jenkins
Warner Cole Family Farms, LLC